12-02-2017 CoBBy

Our Website is active again! All clan related information
can be found here. Trials/Points/Donation values/ Rank
Charts, etc! Lets make Destiny great again

12-19-2015 sparkyt

Site has been moved to a new server. Old host was just a little to expensive. Hopefully the new server will be just as stable as the old one. :)

12-09-2015 sparkyt

-Anytime. :) Find anymore problems, You know how to get ahold of me. Anyone else finds a problem, My email address is on the bottom of every page. :)

12-09-2015 poeticmanic

THANK YOU SPARKYT! The news section has been broken for some time now, but is now fixed. I have much to update. Come back soon.

03-31-2013 Healerofdoom

Congratulations to CallaLily on becoming a Samaritan of the Clan.

03-09-2013 Healerofdoom

Congratulations to PhoenixLi on becoming our Head Eventist.

06-19-2011 Amaranth

Welcome to our newest members: Acids, Volcano and RebelMagic!

05-27-2011 Amaranth

Congrats to Dragginfly, our new Chonsa Sensei!

05-24-2010 Healerofdoom

Welcome to our three new members, IsisElement, Valiuse and Kofi.

05-23-2010 Healerofdoom

Congratulations to Cossette and Ihana on becoming our newest Samaritans.

08-31-2009 Healerofdoom

Congratulations to Glacial on becoming the new Geomancer Elder, and a congratulations to Sparkyt on attaining the rank of Ee san.

07-03-2009 jadeleaf

Welcome to the clan's newest member, Dragginfly.

07-03-2009 jadeleaf

The clan council welcomes Gwendlyn to the position of Samaritan/

06-16-2009 jadeleaf

Congratulations to Yttribium who got Sa San (finally), and Welcome to our newest member Yahweh!

06-02-2009 jadeleaf

The clan site has a new look (finally!), as you've probably noticed and it looks absolutely fabulous! Loving the colour scheme!